New Year’s Resolution

My Big New Year’s Resolution is two fold:

1) I want to learn how to DJ and mix on 4 decks with my Numark NS6 in Serato.  Ever since my early beginnings as a budding DJ was to have a third deck to mix with.  It was a costly addition as one of my Stanton ST8-150s were a little over $400.  And even more so, trying to keep 3 turntables going with vinyl would have required so much more time that I had to beatmatch and setup my next track’s mix.  It was a dream I had to let go of.

Thankfully, now with the digital age of DJing in full bloom, that dream has become a reality.  I have four decks with my controller and all my tracks a click away.  No more searching for the right track and grabbing the vinyl and loading it on the turntable.  I don’t know where this journey will take me.  It will require many hours of hard work and practice.  I have a rough idea of how I want it to work, but it will take time.  I am up for the challange – if you are not making mistakes, you are not moving forward.

2) I am going to move away from the breakbeat world in favor of opening up to more genres of music to mix with.  I finally felt stifled when I had 2 breakbeat podcasts and a online breakbeat radio show.  The podcasts are still up for listening, I just am not adding to them anymore.  I have started to use my Live radio shows as my new podcast.  I will be practicing with the new genres and expect to come out with a lot of mixes.

Check out my new podcast

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