4th of July

We went down to Cape Cod for a 4th of July Party and beach vacation. We stayed in a hotel with a room right on the beach on the ground floor.
Luckily, the beach in front of our room was secluded by a partial dune separation from the rest of the beach. The beach was only for hotel guests and was private.

The first day was windy and cold and rained. The second day was beautiful – sunny and hot with a bit of a breeze. I am very pale and burn easily, so I was under an umbrella for the majority of the day. I still got sun even with the umbrella overhead.

It was a great time to hang out with my wife, her sister and her son as well as my in-laws. We get together a lot, but it is always a great time. My nephew is going into 6th grade this year and is all about wildlife – he got a huge crab down in the water.

We went to a party the last night we were there. It was an interesting affair. There was a acoustic guitar singer who played a few tunes. There was tons of food and people. It was family, but there was a lot of people I had never met. There was this douche bag from Princeton with a bag of twisted tea and a spout. He came in with a life guard shirt and a floppy hat announcing for everyone to “Smack the bag” and then take a drink from the nozzle. It was fucking ridiculous.

As the night went on, shit just got stranger and stranger. Around 11 pm, a cop showed up telling us he had complaints all around the lake. My father-in-law always does fireworks at summer parties. He had lit off quite a few and the music was pretty loud. He left and the owner of the house and host of the party told my father-in-law to light off the biggest finale firework. A fuck you to the cops.

There was a 17 year old girl there with her father. Her mother popped in for a second announcing that she had to get back to work a do a couple more dances… Seriously? The girl was very insecure and there were male predators all around. I went to work warning them of her age and telling them to leave her alone. She ended up crying and my wife and a friend talked to her for about 2 hours.

On our way home, I had our Uber driver stop at 7-11. I was dying for some chili cheese dogs. To my dismay, they did hot dogs only until 10 pm. WTF? That is some bullshit right there. So I ended up getting a couple of premade subs. We got back to our room and began eating the sandwiches. My wife asked me where the condiments were. I did not pick any up. I did not think about it – I was so pissed they didn’t have dogs.

I will say that we took Ubers everywhere we went at night. The Cape is full of asshole fucking Uber drivers. One night we tried to go to 7-11, but the guy took us to another convenience store. Since when do the the fucking drivers decide where you go? Fuck them.

So we had a great time at the Cape and plan to go back next summer. My in-laws stayed at the house of the host, but we want to get the block of rooms that were next to us in the hotel right on the beach front.

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