Children in Ransom for the Wall

The separation of immigrant children from their parents is a Nazi-esque practice. Trump said he admired leaders who are dictators. He wants that. This is the fucking United States of America. EVERYONE is an immigrant at some point.

The interment camps and tent cities are wrong on so many levels. This is unfathomable to me. Why won’t anyone do anything? How is this lying, manipulative bag of shit still in office. I think he is doing the immigrant thing to shine the light off of the Muller investigation to avoid being impeached.

The sad part is that the general public is stupid. They follow the government’s statements and do not examine the facts. There is some good reporting on CNN and MSNBC, but the Fox Channel is unbelievably supportive of anything Trump or the government tells them. They create scenarios that do not exist and then report on them in a very harsh light as if the Zero Tolerance at the border is defensible. I saw a guy on last night as a guest and he was sweating his ass off – it was completely obvious the guy was lying, but he had to hold his position to keep his job or whatever the fuck the guy was from.

The concentration camps in Nazi Germany separated children from their parents. They focused on one race and set out to eradicate them from the face of the earth. The government will not allow reporters to see the conditions the children are living in and only release photos of their choosing to manipulate the American people. Totalitarianism is not Democracy.

Our Government is broken. We need a new form of government, it is as corrupt as any other Nation we send American troops – American lives to fighting those who do injustice to the world, yet this is happening on our doorstep.

Trump wants the wall and is holding the fragile lives of children for ransom. How can this really be happening? How are people in power going along with this.

Just like the Nuremberg trials – every single person brought before justice will repeat the same line Nazi’s did when tried with their war crimes –

“I was just doing my job”

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