EDM = Pop

I hate EDM. It has become some pop sensation and cheesed up and cartooned.

There are big name DJs that do not mix live at the festivals (I am not sure about their club sets). They have the mixes pre-recorded, probably by someone else and just stand up there and do their pose and their little stupid “brand” elements (hands to form a sign, wear a big fucking helmet, smash people with cakes, jesus poses and so on) [Daft Punk you get a pass]. They have ghost producers to bang out track after track. They are not judged for the quality of their music, but rather their marketability. It is a business thing, I understand. If you can make money doing it -good for you.

I listened to the BBC Essential Mix of the Year for 2017. It was Helena Hauff with a “breakbeat” mix. It is extremely boring and does not seem to waiver much in the music – it all seems to be the same uninteresting beat throughout. It is disappointing to see such a horrible representation of the breakbeat genre, hell even any genre. It is so simple and boring. How can someone created a mix such as this and won an award? The answer must be money. Buy a top spot. Just like the top 10 DJs in the world. It is a shame that the whole industry has become so commercialized. Where is the quality? Where is the creativity? Where is the soul?

My mixes consist of breakbeat, house and trance. I have to get a lot of old school tracks to get my voice into the void – the constant extrusion of music that hits the genres everyday. I DJ to allow my interaction with the world. I am a introvert and do not play in clubs anymore. I do not want to deal with politics and back fighting that comes with that whole aspect of DJing. I play on 5 radio stations live as well as having 2 weekly podcasts (one house, one breakbeat) and produce breakbeat tracks. This allows me to not only to have complete creative control over my musical selection, but allows me to play all the time. I am constantly evolving with every show.

I do not have a following. This does not effect me. All my work is out there. All of it is free. I am not here to make money – I am here to create. My name “DJ Not Applicable” was chosen to illustrate that the DJ does not matter – it is the music that comes from the DJ’s sets/mixes/tracks that is important. I, as a music selector, attempt to deliver an experience which speaks from the heart of me. It is long said that the most important thing as a DJ is to play the right tracks. Unless you only play tracks you have produced can you make the argument that the DJ is the main focus of the experience.

So in conclusion, Fuck EDM, Fuck Top 10 Lists, Fuck Mixes of the Year.