I have had music in my life from 6th grade taping songs from Casey Kassem top 40 shows moving along to borrowing my older brothers CDs to record tracks and made mix tapes.
The first time I heard EDM was from artists like The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, and Crystal Method. That music totally changed my view on music. I was still into heavily into hip hop and alternative, but this was a whole new world.

The first time I touched turntables was at a friends house who had borrowed them from another friend. By then I was into a much wider variety of EDM. I learned about breakbeats and messed around with the records that were loaned along with the tables. I was instantly hooked.
During the Napster craze, I downloaded as many tracks as I could and grabbed a piece of software to mix with.

I would sit at my computer and just try to mix the songs. The difficult part was almost all of the tracks were ripped from CDs of DJ mixed sets. So when I started the track, the previous track was outgoing. I didn’t understand that until I got a setup of my own and started to learn how to mix.

It took me a couple years to build up my skills. I learned the structure of tracks very quickly just by going to clubs and being on the dance floor, but beat matching was an entirely different beast.
Once I was ready I started playing at some clubs and a couple lounges playing breaks. It was exhilarating, I loved playing music for people to dance to. I was a mobile DJ for a little while, but I could not connect with the wide variety of genres required of such a gig. Also I hated building and breaking down equipment.

I have turned into a Radio DJ due to our move to be closer to my in-laws. All the networking I had and connections were gone as soon as I left my hometown. I am much older now and the prospect of starting again is just not an option. I am too old for it now.