Greatest Father

I was adopted as an infant by my father. He was such an infectiously sociable entity. It was always a joke and a half truth that he knew or had a friend wherever we went – errands, going out, vacations… Keep in mind we moved every three years because my dad was a West Point Graduate and an officer in the US ARMY.

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Welcome Summer

It is just getting to be summer in full swing here in MA, USA. We had our first fire pit since we had it put in last fall. It was great to grill, drink, listen to tunes and hang out by the fireplace.

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Where Have The Breaks Gone?

I started out in 2001 with 2 turntables, a mixer and a crate of vinyl.

I did not have the knowledge or funds to get a quality set of gear. I started with belt drive tables which do not keep a consonant pitch required for beatmatching. I had a cheap mixer. The only thing I had that was quality were my vinyl, my records, my crate, my message to the world.

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Check Me Out Live

I play on two online radio stations a week. Friday from 10am – 12pm est. is my NSB Radio show. Mondays from 5pm – 7pm est. is my Renegade Radio spot.

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I am a bit disappointed with the state of affairs with the current EDM climate. Festivals and superstar DJs are killing the whole culture. Well, changing it anyways.

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Resetting Website

I suffered through the arduous process of recovering from a wordpress attack and subsequent act of switching hosting. It will take a bit of time to get all of my data replaced. My podcasts may take a few days to repopulate. I appreciate your understanding and apologize for the disruption in data.

Welcome to My World