Strength Through Haters

I recently rejoined a message board I had been on about a year or two ago. I found they did not like me on that board anymore. They had their own little community which they knew everyone and they had been on it a long time. I understand they do not want someone coming along and interrupting that little community.

I had been on it about a week posted some stuff including a slow motion hawk video I took when I was in Ireland. I got a good response from that, however, I had several people telling me to sign off. I entered one last post and left the board alone.

I could chose to feel hurt and rejected by a large number of people who did not want my presence on their tight knit community, or I could be like – fuck the haters. I opted for the latter conclusion. I have had my share of “no” and understand they are going to come regardless what I do – so I continue doing my work and build my brand.

Website Lifehacker recently made a post about the theory of things that can hurt them if you let them, but you can also make a conscious decision to turn them into more strength and drive to do more.

In the words of Eminem – “I wanna just say thanks ’cause your hate is what gave me the strength”

Being underrated gives me time to create.

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