I am a bit disappointed with the state of affairs with the current EDM climate. Festivals and superstar DJs are killing the whole culture. Well, changing it anyways.

I don’t want to be a DJ who looks back on the days of 2 turntables and a mixer and laments on how DJing was much better back then. I embrace technology – I use a Numark ns6 and Serato on my laptop. All the digital music that you could possibly get your hands on is a click or two away. This is a good thing – it prevents new DJs from having to really spend a lot of money on building their libraries.

The issue I have are all these cheesy pop/dance/EDM tracks that are dominating the world right now. It really is getting out of hand. Awards given at the award shows to acts is a far cry from what EDM was a few years ago. I do like some of the new cliche music coming out. Hell, I even did a show as a tribute to Avicii on one of my radio shows, but that is about how deep into I get. I am not saying all new EDM sucks, but it is the norm now.

I watched this documentary called “Festivals” or something. The picture painted by the people they documented through the process of getting ready for, attending and reflecting on going to a festival was really disheartening. These people did not care about the music at all. They spent their time looking for a new place to hang out instead of getting into the music. I am not taking that to mean all festival goers act this way, in fact they are probably a very small percentage of all festival attendees.

The big shows with all the visuals and smoke and mirrors where the DJ just pushes play and then they just dance around, do the DJ Jesus pose, throw a cake, wear some silly helmets (Daft Punk – I am not talking about you) or whatever other crazy thing they use to set themselves apart from the pack is getting out of hand as well. I guess that is just the culture now – be more out there then the next guy/girl.

They used to say one track can make you an overnight success, but now DJs are no doubt using ghost producers and slapping their name on the track. There is no way a touring DJ can put in enough time to produce a track every month. Now it is more like a couple a month. The math just does not work out.

So we have the button push at the festivals, we have silly costumes/actions and then the ghost producers. What is left but an empty shell of a DJ. It’s all about who you know, not what you know. Now it is how much marketing can you get. Superstar DJs are no longer revered for their talent in mixing and selecting tracks and reading the dance floor. The old guard is diminishing quickly.

I guess it is just the whole Millennials mind set. With a world now at the instant gratification that permeates through our society, does anyone care that their favorite DJ may just be a marketing success? Probably not. The music has changed so much.

The suggested theory about the lowering of bpms in EDM is a direct correlation between party goers choice of drugs and the music they go to hear. The use of club drugs has changed and the music – meant to fan the flames of the state of being for the party goer’s enjoyment of the night – has in turn changed.

All I am saying is that I wish EDM was not reduced to likes, follows, retweets and marketing. I saw a tweet from a superstar DJ awhile ago that just said “Hi” no hashtags, just a one word greeting. It’s likes and re shares was in the high thousands. — Really?

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