The Essence of Musical Integrity

I just read an article about ghost production.

It is where a DJ does not have the time or knowledge to produce their own tracks.

They pay for a ghost production and pass it off as their own. I touched on this fact in my “Superstars” blog post.

It is a thing that makes me feel better about my own path producing music. I have been DJing for over 17 years, but producing for only about 3. I felt bad about using samples and other shit to help my production of tracks. In this world where you need to be both a producer AND a DJ, it is a falsehood and smoke and mirrors for a lot of popular DJs/Producers.

You can pay for a handful of ghost produced tracks and premix (maybe even ghost mixed too) a usb with your set on it and play a huge festivals. It is no wonder acts like Deadmau5, Marshmello and the like need to separate themselves from the rest of the crowd. My bet is that they do nothing connected to actual DJing or Producing. They are icons and nothing more.

The festivals are for the kids who want a huge musical experience and do not understand what is going on. It has become such a fake world with the advent of Facebook and Twitter and the rest that people can make up who they want to be seen as and live their life by how many followers they have.

I admit when I first got on Facebook a couple of years ago, I was concerned about those numbers as well. It wasn’t until just recently that I realized those numbers don’t mean shit. I have gotten offers from click farms to boost the apparent popularity of my tracks.

Fuck that. I would rather have 20 people like my track than 60k click farmers. I may never be a great producer, but I am OK with that. I consider myself a pretty good DJ. I play a lot of radio shows because I am older now and have a wife I like to spend time with and do not have the time nor inclination to try and break into the scene.

I consider myself to be underground and in a literal sense of the word – I work in the basement of my house. I put out tracks to all the major stores and streaming sites not for money or fame, just to show myself I did something. I made something from my soul and put it out there. Whether anyone connects with it is a side note. Would I be excited if I gathered a large following and sold tons of plays and tracks? Yea of course, but that is not why I do it.

Even if no one hears me or my music, I still do it. I do it because I have to.

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